Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Paint and Today Salt

Today I did a little quick fabric painting and sprinkled it with coarse salt. See the full piece above. Below is a close up and some really cool results. Click on the photos for close ups.

But look at the back! I have no idea how I got this result. Not sure what it reminds of but I just love it.


Vicki W said...

I sometimes like the backs better than the fronts!

yvonne said...

I've used salt on regular watercolor paintings but never fabric paintings, but I will have to try this. Looks great, back and front!

Beena said...

You should do a tutorial on this! (hint hint)! Please tell us what kind of paint you used, and describe the full process!!!

Although I love the front, the back is breathtaking! Love the effect!

joanlil said...

Nice! Have you tried sprinkling salt on sun dyes? And I agree, the back is often better than the front.

Thanks for commenting on my blog - I have added you to Reader.

Textile Art Showcase said...

These look really good to me. I know what you mean about not looking quite as you might expect with salt but the final outcome is very nice anyway. A happy accident I think!!!

Jan said...

Judy, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm pretty new to the blogging scene and forget to check back for comments, etc. Don't you love painting on fabric? I've just posted some new experiments from the summer. Let me know what you think. Jan

Laurence said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Your blog is beautiful and I like your painted fabrics.
I will return to your blog for see your creation.