Monday, November 15, 2010

Transfomation Reveal

Here is my transformation piece for the Fiberactions group. I had a picture that I took while I was in India last year of the elephant god Ganesh. You can see the original photo in the next shot. It's not a great picture and I am surprised that I did not just delete it.

I cropped a portion of the photo that I thought had an interesting look and then rotated it 90 degrees. I think I like it better in a landscape format but one of the rules of the group is that all of the pieces be in portrait orientation.

I printed out a black and white picture of the cropped section and then sketched it on cloth. I painted it using my own color pallet and Stewart Gill paints. These paints are so easy t use and love the vibrant colors. I must have used at least 15 different threads for the quilting. It really is more heavy tread painting then quilting. I love heavy tread work and feel I need to add even more.

In this next shot you can see the details of the foot. I love the red Byzantia paint with the small silver thread stippling. Click on the photos and ou can see the details more clearly. Sorry for this crazy format but I can't get blogger to behave!