Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back in my studio

After at least a month of not creating a fiber piece, I finally made it back to my studio. I thought I would start small and made two 5'' x 7'' quilts. The first one is almost an exact replica of an earlier piece I donated to Fiber Art For a Cause. I found a scrap of the original fabric I created and painted the pear and added the text. The edges are painted. I am going to a dinner with my local fiber artist group next week and will give this one away.

I love this next one because it is so not me. It's called 'Be Yourself'. The background is original fabric that was painted and sunprinted. The face and hands were cut from a magazine photo. I added the clothes and altered the hair and features with paint and markers. I then covered the entire piece with black tulle and did the quilting. The edges are finished with couched yarn.