Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday. A day to celebrate and really appreciate all of the great things I have in my life. I usually keep my blog art related but today I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pictures. The above picture was taken in Disney World in September 2007 and is of my granddaughter Julia, my daughter Tricia and me. We have another Disney trip scheduled for the fall.

This is my husband Joe and Julia on the same trip. Today I plan to do a little work in my studio, pick up my GD after school (she is just finishing kindergarten) and have dinner tonight at a new seafood restaurant I have been wanting to try. Life is good.


TextileTraveler said...

Happy Birthday, Judy! I love birthdays; they're my favorite holidays! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
You are sharing a birthday with me also :)
Enjoy your day of creativity and family "Happy B'Day" phone calls.
Best Wishes,

Vivien said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

Great pics of fun family times. Hope there are many more to come.

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday, Judy! Mine is tomorrow...well, in about 20 minutes, actually.

Hope today opens the door to your best year ever.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! This is a great picture!