Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some Pictures From Brazil

I was in Sao Paulo Brazil earlier this month and am just getting around to posting these pictures I took. I love taking pictures out of airplane windows and this first one is the sunrise over Brazil. I was pretty tired after a ten hour flight.

This next picture was taken from my hotel room and you can get a sense of how big Sao Paulo is. It seems to go on forever.

The light was great on this roof top pool at my hotel.....forgot my bathing suit though...

Arriving back into Atlanta after another ten hour flight very early in the morning . The moon was full and this picture does not do the scene justice.

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Heather said...

Your long flight makes me feel tired just thinking about it. Great photos. I love the quilted piece on your previous post - it is so dimensional and the way you have quilted the butterfly into the background is very clever. The bird nest photos in the earlier post are amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'll be back to see more of yours.