Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Landscape Quilt - Announcement Coming Soon

Here is my latest landscape quilt. I went back to basics on this one and only used commercial fabrics. Most of my current work usually has quite a bit of painting involved these days and I did use fabric markers for some of the shading. I really don't have a name for this yet so any suggestions would be appreciated. I made this quilt for a specific purpose and I will share that next week.


quiltmom said...

What a lovely landscape you have made- The name that springs to mind is
" Spring brings the buds"
You do such marvellously intricate work- It is really beautiful.

quiltmom said...

Another name might be " Spring brings the blossoms"

TextileTraveler said...

It is beautiful, Judy. It's so bright and definitely reminds me of Spring. You are in for a real treat with Lyric's class--I just took it and had a blast! I especially love the thermofax screens, and had good success ordering them from both Lyric and Marcy Tilton.