Friday, December 26, 2008

Chasing the Grey Away

This is my entry into the My World in Black and White exhibit sponsored by The Fiber Arts Connection of Southern California. This piece will be traveling to several venues with over 30 other quilts for the next couple of years. I am finely able to post a picture since the book for this exhibit has been published.

This was an interesting challenge for me since I have never done a work with a limited color pallet. I also decided to try a whole cloth painted piece. The inspiration was a trip to the Smokey Mountains and I wanted to recreate the misty look of a rain storm with rolling clouds being driven away by the sun. All of the triangle shapes are intensional. I was experimenting with these shapes in the composition and trying to pull the viewer into the scene. It measure 41' x 41' and was painted with Setacolor paints on a very hot day in the Atlanta area this summer. I was working outside with sweat rolling down my face and it took several trys to get the sky the way I wanted it to be! After about 2 hours I finally had something I thought was acceptable. It dried quickly and when I took it inside and ironed it I almost put it in my scrap box. After letting it sit for a couple of days I decided it was worth quilting. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Judy, I'm really glad I clicked the photo to see it big! It's got so much texture and life to it. I think it's incredible that you got such mood and texture out of black and white. Congrats on the piece!
Susan Italo

Grace said...

Love this piece you did. Absolutely beautiful painting and quilting.

I'm so glad we all have a chance to have our pieces on exhibition...and for 2 yrs no less!!

Michelle said...

This is gorgeous, Judy! It really looks like the Smokeys. I have tried to work in b&w before and I always throw in a color at the end. Congrats on your selection for the QA calendar!