Sunday, May 15, 2011

Embellish Reveal

A couple of weeks ago I actually cleaned and organized my work space! This was really a major accomplishment since I was at the point where it was a total disaster and I could hardly find anything. In one of the layers I uncovered this 'tie painted' fat quarter that I must have done a few years ago. I immediately knew I had to use it for this challenge.

I used about 15 different threads for quilting and spruced up some of the flowers with additional paint, beads, crystals, yarns and hand stitching. I couldn't stand the thought of squaring this piece since I would have lost so much of the flowers so I used my rotary cutter freehand to create the uneven look. I pulled hard on the edgers while stemming them so they would slightly ruffle. I had fun with this one and really love this piece. Click on the Fiberactions box on the right to see the other pieces created for this challenge.


Robbie said...

Very neat piece!!! love all the embellishment techniques. Again, nice work!

Jackie said...

It is just so fresh and fun to look at!

Connie Rose said...

I just love this, Judy. It's Mod, it's Peter Maxx, it's hippie. Just terrific!

Deb H said...

Dear Judy, Your are truly an artist, & your quilting is beautiful. I think you are already at "that level"!

I'd have emailed this comment to you, but couln't find your email address!


Cami said...

Judy, I just found your blog. I just realized you are the artist that did the BEAUTIFUL calendar piece.
I just have to let you know that I could not throw away your picture from that calendar. I have it pinned up in front of my desk at work. It inspires me everyday. Yay!! So good to find your blog.


SusanPI said...

Judy I love the wonderful colors that you use with your work. Actually this is very beautiful:)

MulticoloredPieces said...

This piece has so much zest and energy! Very satisfying to look at and the embellishments add so much. Congratulations.
best, nadia