Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to do with this?

This is another UFO from almost a year ago. I was sick with an ear infection last year and still wanted to do something. I painted these 12 squares of fabric over a couple of days while recovering. They were then pieced together to create this quilt top. I liked it at the time and even started to quilt it (the four squares in the upper right are quilted). Now when I look at this I wonder what I was thinking.

The question is now what, if anything, to do with this. I have it hanging on my design wall so I can ponder it in passing. If I just abandon it I can salvage most of the batting and backing fabric. I could also use the unquilted squares as backing for another quilt. Of course the real challenge would be to rework this and turn it into something I like. I think this may be on my wall for a while since I am working on my Fiberactions piece that is due on the 15th. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Julie said...

I would say leaving this on your design wall would undoubtedly give it time to speak to you and tell you what it needs. However, it is wonderfully bright and cheerful as it is (with the quilting completed) so you could continue on the road you're on, or maybe make some diagonal/crossed slashes and insert contrasting (black?) strips, or take out the quilted area for a separate project and use the remaining squares in a larger project, or.....I think you are probably more experienced than me so I am now going to slink away in embarrassment that I have even offered an opinion ;-)

Jackie said...

I would love for you to go crazy and cut it up and make a small art quilt from it... if you don't like it. The colours are so bright and fun that it would be a shame to waste them!

It would also make a fantastic bag/purse/tote!