Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look What I Did Last Week!

If you are familiar with Stewart Gill paints and products you may recognize Rebecca Gill on the left. I spent last week in rainy California taking the Stewart Gill Rainbow Consultant class.

This was really an intense workshop focused on learning all about the paints and different ways to use them. We worked about 9 hours a day and I learned so much. I have never treated myself to an experience like this before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you love painting fabric you need to give these paints a try. The colors are intense and when you use them straight from the jar they don't bleed so you can create some great detail. They do need to be heat set but the effort is well worth it.

Here is just some of the work I did. Most of these are samples of techniques or product tests. This was great for me since I am not the kind of person to do experiments first. I am looking forward to doing a whole cloth painted quilt using these products and some new techniques. Have any of you tried these paints?


Vicki W said...

I have used these paints a lot. I love the colors but you really can't use them on anything that you want to wash because they require 2 minutes of heat setting on both sides of every inch of the fabric. Personally, I think that's an unrealistic expectation. I did a lot of testing over a year ago with different methods of setting the paints. Jacquard Versatex helps a lot with the Metamica and Byzantia but the Pearlize and, especially, Alchemy, still wash out quite a lot. For non-washable projects it isn't an issue at all. I do still use these but as I empty the jars I tend to replace them with Jacquard. They are cheaper and set much easier.

Probably more info than you wanted! But the colors are incredible and I do love the effect of the Alchemy.

Deb Levy said...

I'm with Vicki, the Jacquard paints are much easier and you can get the vivid colors. Their Lumiere line of textile metallics are beautiful and by adding versatex to any of their paints you eliminate the heat setting. They wash pretty well too as long as there is not too much abrasion in the process.

I do painted wholecloths all the time and these are my favorite paints.

just my two cents.

Beena said...

I have heard amazing things about these paints, but still haven't tried them. I use Createx airbrush paints, which I just paint on and heat set with an iron. In spite of Vicki's warning, I would still try these SG paints to use on a non-washable project like a wallhanging. Sounds like a fun workshop!

Robbie said...

Judy, what an opportunity!! I have one of their 'kits' that are white metallic with different hues to them...too lazy to get up and see the name! I haven't used them that much but have mixed them with other fabric paints for metallic look. Keep us posted on what you do with them.

jgr said...

Oh these paints look wonderful! I'm sure you'll enjoy them. To answer your question, I am from Columbus, OH, I have lots of family in Indiana too!