Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Shopping

Last night I finally did a little shopping. I went to a local market (no tourist trap) and bought some cotton fabrics. I ended up with 14 half meters so I really showed some restraint. These were priced at 95 Rupees per meter or around $2. I love all of them and of course have no idea how they will be used.

I also bought some shawls that were also very reasonably priced and a silver and amethyst pendant and earrings for my daughter. Picked up a few little things for my GD but want to get her something more. It started to rain when I was out so I took a motorized rickshaw back to the hotel. Here is a view of what it looks like from riding in the back.

The hotel had a Chinese buffet for dinner……. It basically tasted like Indian food with 5 spice power added.

Saturday I am invited to someone’s house for dinner and I am really looking forward to this. This colleague has been bringing enough lunch from home to share with me each day and this has been a real treat.

Love this picture of two little boys having what looks like a very serious conversation.

How about some ice cream?


Yvonne said...

The fabric is beautiful. To visit and know the locals is a real treat. Avoiding the tourist traps is a good thing. You are doing well sounds like.

Deborah said...

gorgeous fabric

jgr said...

I love the fabric!! Wow-I love the photos too and the whole 'virtual trip' I got to go on. Thanks for sharing the adventure

Vivien Zepf said...

Great fabric!

Kim D. said...

Lovely fabric, great prices also.