Friday, November 6, 2009

Suggestions please - what should I take????

Tuesday I will be leaving for India and will be gone for 12 days. I will be teaching a couple of project management classes but I want to take something to work on from a creative standpoint. I thought I would try an altered book and take stuff to work on so I could collage the pages in my hotel room at night.

You can see my book drying in the picture. It is the first sewing book I bought about 35 years ago so I though it was time to give it a new life. I glued 4 pages together and then cut out 5 pages. That left 9 (or 18 if you count the backs) pages to work on.

I have never done this before so I really need some advice on what materials to take keeping in mind that space is at a premium.

Here are a few things I though I would pack:
  • a couple of old magazines
  • small bag of fabric scrapes
  • watercolor crayons
  • glue
  • markers
  • a few paints and brushes
  • what else?
Please help me add to my list. Thanks.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

I think the only other thing I'd add to that list would be some small blank index or note cards that you could take with you during the day to write or draw on so that you could glue them into your book later.

Have a safe trip!

Connie Rose said...

How 'bout some glitzy stuff, maybe glitter glue. I'm thinking if I were going to India, I'd look for ephemera there and focus the book on what's available locally rather than packing magazines, which are heavy. There's also a lot of fabric there. Where will you be exactly? What a great adventure!

Yvonne said...

If I were going to India I would want to do some rubbings, so I would take shiva sticks or chalk and paper or cloth. You can add it to the altered book or do something else with rubbings later on. Make a silk scarf with different rubbings on it. Lots of options.

Deb Hardman said...

I'm with Connie. I wouldn't bother with magazines. I'd make it about the trip, & pick up odd bits along the way. I'm sure there will be brochures you could pick up, along with wrappers & ticket stubs,napkins, things significant to the trip.
When I went to Spain, a friend gave me a small journal to write in, & I wrote on only one side of the page, so that I could glue it into a srape book along with photos when I came home. Maybe some special paper for bots of Journaling?
Sounds very exciting!

Dolores said...

Scissors? or will you tear?

Judy Alexander said...

Thanks for all of your great suggestions. I have decided to nix the magazines and get a couple there if I need them. I also though that I could explain my project to my students at the start of each class and ask them if they have anything they want to 'donate'.