Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Houston Surprise

I am sure you have read about The Houston Quilt Festival and how great it was. If you have never been, this is the one show that you really must see. The quality of the work will just blow you away. I have had a piece in the judged show for the last two years and I was really disappointed in myself for not entering this year.

My big surprise was when I was walking through the 'Eye of the Quilter' photo exhibit I found my photo. I was never notified one way or the other if my photo had been selected so I really was ecstatic when I saw it. Guess I just fell through the cracks. It wasn't a quilt but at least I had a small presence. You can see the pictures of the exhibit here. Mine is in photo 23 of 25 and in the lower left corner.


Kim D. said...

Wow Judy, That's quite an accomplishment to have a quilt in the Houston show. Congratulations to you. I think I found your print, I didn't realize they have photo's in the show. Is this a quilt photo??
My friend Ami entered the Houston show last year with 2 other friends and they won 3rd place in the landscape quilts. She's the quilter in the group and she's done some amazing custom quilting for me.

Connie Rose said...

Thanks for showing those photos, Judy -- they're fantastic. Better than many "photographer's" photos!
Congrats on getting into this exhibit!

yvonne said...

Amazing and congrats to you for having your photo in the eye of the quilter. A nice surprise huh! Beautiful photos.

Frances Arnold said...

Congratulations!!! It would have been fun to see your face when you recognized your photo in the gallery!!

Ben said...

Congratulations on your surprise.

I became a fan when I saw your work at the East Cobb Show last month. Your work is fabulous!

My wife and I just returned from Houston on Tuesday. I had my first quilt in the Houston show this year and also had two photos in the Eye of the Quilter show.

I saw you photo and said to my wife I know her. That was a great photo. Did you alter it in Photoshop?

Hope to see you Friday at our guild meeting.

Vivien said...