Sunday, October 25, 2009

Early Halloween Fun

Last night we went to an amazing Halloween party. The theme was 'Hollywood' and there really was a lot of interesting people there. First is Willie Nelson with a 'Marilyn Monroe' you may recognize. My husband made such a good Willie Nelson it was almost scary.

Next the host and hostess, Jimmy Hendrix and Wonder Woman. They really put on quite the party. Here is Cruella Daville with an unknown starlet from the dreaded 'D' list.

The band made up of Jimmy Hendrix, Stevy Ray Vaughn, Gene Simmons and a priest that you can't see in the photo. Robin of Batman fame was there with her partner who was off getting a liquid refreshment when this photo was taken. A couple of Indiana Jones' showed up. Too many others to mention. Hope you have a fun Halloween.


Rochelle said...

Hey Judy. You all look great. Looks like you had a blast.

jgr said...

Oh yes! It looks like a FUN time.

Kim D. said...

Love those costumes.. Looks like you had a fun time. Happy Halloween to you..

Sandy said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy!
YOu look like you had a blast.. those eyelashes are a hoot and a holler!
how fun..! Great looking at these photos!
hugs, Darlene