Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Fabric Painting

Yesterday I did a couple of painted landscapes. This is good for me since there is only so much control you can have with these paints and I do like to have control. If anything I tend to almost 'overpaint' things and I am trying really hard to let the paints do the work.

In this first landscape I don't really like the sky. This is a case where I didn't let the paints do the work. I can always cut away the sky and do another one....humm not a bad idea. To do these you have to work in steps and have a little patience. First paint a horizon line on dry fabric and let it dry, next the water on damp fabric and let it dry, then the sky and land on damp fabric.

In this next one I was going for a kind of impressionist look. The sky was painted with very watered down cobalt and ultramarine blues mixed with a little pearl and black, and yellow mixed with orange and a drop of black again very watered down. In this piece I think I let the paints do there thing a little bit more.

I plan to paint a couple more of these and then quilt and embellish them for a small series of painted landscapes. Each is fat quarter size.


Sherry said...

All of your painted fabric pieces are great! Had to throw out all of my Setacolors. They were old and really a thick glob. Hmmm...does that mean more shopping??? :0

linda stokes said...

I like your fabric painting
and your riverbank quilt too - fabulous detail!
Thanks for your comment on my bags.

Vivien said...

Wonderful already. I think it's interesting that you have such breadth in your paintings. You don't stick to just one subject; very cool.

Dena said...

Your fabric painting is beautiful. I especially like the first one with the view of the water.

Anonymous said...

These are just beautiful! Amazing really.

wandar-wanda said...

Hi Judy ,
your work is beautiful , I like your work , hugz,

California Fiber artist and composer said...

Judy---howcan we get more information about what supplies are needed for your Joggles class?And how much homework there will be?