Monday, March 9, 2009

Atc For Textile Traveler

Today I made this ATC for Textile Traveler. She has some great gecko ATC's on her blog up for trade so have a look and see if any are still available. This is really different for me since it contains no fabric. I was looking though some old craft supplies and found a bottle of Weathered Wood (crackle medium) . First I painted brown paper from a grocery bag with linen colored acrylic paint. After it dried I painted on a thick layer of the crackle medium. When that dried I painted it with a burgundy acrylic. It is supposed to start to crackle as soon as you start painting but this stuff must be 12 years old and did not crackle much so I hit it with the heat gun and it came out really cool. I then used my finger to rub on a little gold paint for highlights.

The silver leaf is made from a Heresy Kiss wrapper that I carefully flattened and then ironed a fusible web to the back to make it stronger. I cut the leaf and ironed it to the crackled paper. I put this on top of a piece of timtex and added printed tissue paper to the back. I then added a little stitching. I hope she likes it.

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TextileTraveler said...

It's beautiful! I can't wait to get it. I'll be putting yours in the mail tomorrow as well.