Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Level of Quilting? Got Any Tips or Advice?

Yes, I have done it......bought a long-arm.  These are pictures taken this morning.  My studio is in our unfinished basement but as you can see I have lots of windows and light.  My Tin Lizzie was delivered and setup last Thursday and I have been trying to get in some practice everyday.  I have gotten pretty good at free motion quilting with my Juki QE but this is a whole new ball game.

I had the frame set up at the whole 12 feet since I have the room even though I have never made a quilt bigger than 5 feet wide.  I am hopping to get good at the long-arm and use it for most of my quilting.  Since I mostly do art quilts I also hope to be able to use this for thread painting.  Do any of you fellow long-armers have any tips or advice on how to get up to speed.  Do you have any books, videos, websites or other sources of training you can recommend?  Thanks!.


Cay Denise said...

No tips...but congratulations on your long-arm machine!

Mary Couch said...

Can not imagine what your imagination must be doing... do you feel like you're having an electrical short?? I am so very jealous, envious... wow, what a fablous addition to you sewing studio.
Hugs from Mary

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Judy. That's one big mama! Aren't you lucky to have all that space! Enjoyed seeing your challenge quilts in the previous post. Looks like your going to have hours of playtime on your new toy now.
best, nadia