Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project update

Here are the last set of pics that I took last Friday. I have only had about 3 hours to work on this in the last week and most of that time was using my glue stick and 'basting' things in place. I use just enough glue to hold things down so I can get the piece to the sewing machine. I am still far away from that step as you can see.

The major changes you can see since my last post is the addition of the base water fabric and the rough in of the land at the base of the falls. I have been trying to refine the rocks and have also added some layers of small trees at the top of the falls.

At this point since I have the basic layout done I kind of bounce around and work on small sections of details based on the mood I am in and what grabs my attention for the moment. I am wanting to start on the waterfall but I still need to get more details done around it. I hope I can get in several hours tomorrow so stay tuned.


Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

I love the details you are inserting by using the marker. I notice black on some of the rocks... great shadow effect. Is that the background showing through, or are you putting in small pieces of black? Your tree fabric looks like Stonehenge... ?
Hugs from Mary

Approachable Art said...

Really amazing work you're dping here!