Monday, November 17, 2008

If Only This Art Could Talk - My Flea Market Find

This weekend I was at a flea market in Murphy NC and came across this work of art. I loved it so much that I had to ask the price and when the stand owner said $15 I immediately offered $10 and he accepted. I guess that it would qualify as fiber since it is leather stretched around a wooden frame and very neatly stapled on the back. More leather comprises the rest of the work and it measures 16x12. On the back upper left is printed in pencil 'I Want to Fly by Grazyna Pielat Oct. 89 Leather'. I've done a little research and could not find out anything about the artist. I did find that the name is Polish and in the fall of 1989 the poles defeated communism and took back their country. Could this be an artist expressing his feelings about this through his art? The name of the piece 'I want to Fly' could be interpreted as such. One of those things that I will never know. How did this work end up in the flea market in the small town of Murphy NC and what has happened to Grazyna? If only this piece could tell us its history. My great grandparents came from poland to northern IN in the 1880's so I feel this work has somehow found me. Makes me wonder what people will think of my work in 20 years. Another more practical question is how do I clean this? You can see from the close-up that the folds are embedded with dust. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.


alice said...

Could you clean it using "canned air"? How are the folds of the leather secured?

LadyConure said...

My ever so favorite question ..... how'd they DO that?

Love your work and it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Hope to hear from you soon!


Elizabeth Golden said...

Comments from another North Carolina girl.....Clean the piece with a dry paint brush. Tip the piece forward in a place you don't mind getting dusty. Then start at the top with your soft bristled paintbrush or a large makeup brush and start dusting. This should get in the cracks and remove the dust. I would then go back over the piece with a swifter.

Elizabeth said...

I havejust found your blog and I love your work. I am into fiber arts to but I ahve not been entering my work in shows yet- I hopeto get there in 2009! About your leather piece= when I looked at it at first I thought that the leather was velvet. As for cleaning I have a suggestion- I picked up an adorable children's chair at an antique store with a elather seat that was absolutely filthy. I used a dilute solution of Murphy's Oil soap and it cleaned and treated the leather besutifully. It did darken the leather a bit but It did lighten back up after a bit. Perhaps gently vaccuming the piece with a small hand vac would be a better idea- now that I think about it!! Don't yhou just love coming across mystery peices that speak to you!!
LOve your QA calendar peice!! Justr glorious!