Thursday, July 31, 2008

Painted Warm and Natural

Well, today’s distraction is this tiny (about 7w x 8h) piece of painted warm and natural. A couple of months ago I saw an article about painting warm and natural and one day I spent about 10min painting a scrap. I used regular craft paint so nothing fancy, I think when I do this again I will use a fabric paint since it seems a little stiff. I found this today in one of my piles and of course thought I needed to immediately start to thread paint it. I should be working on my black and white piece or my peak performance piece but of course I got totally involved in this little rectangle After heavy thread painting it was a little distorted but I steamed it and it went right back in place. Here are the results. I think I need to beef it up a little with more contrast. Maybe Shiva paint sticks or something. Check back for the final results.